Queensland Rail System

The main railway system in the state of Queensland, Australia is the Queensland Rail. This is the biggest rail system in the world which operates in narrow gauge rails. This rail system gives the commuter train service all over the state. There are certain things you must do in order to have your trip in the Queensland Rail System.


You can visit “Traveltrain” for more information. You can do this by visiting the Queensland Rail Web site. In this site, you will find the different departure and arrival times from all the trains that operates in the system. Then, you can pick the departure and arrival stations. If you do not need any current train times, then you can select a date which is a day or a week ahead. You can also download the timetable from the “Citytrain.” there are also timetables made especially for holiday seasons. By having the right “timetable,” you will know when the schedule for each travel will be. Make sure when you book tickets, you include your entire family. If you book ticket for children not more than five years old or senior citizens, then you may get discounts. Senior citizens and pensioners may also get half the price of the tickets. There ticket vending machines in different stations in Queensland, you can buy your tickets in these areas. There are other stations where you have to buy your ticket from the station guard.


The “Traveltrain” routes are composed of three major services: Tropical, Outback, and Coastal. If you take the coastal service, you will ride the train along the coastal blue line which stretches from Brisbane to Cairns. This is the main route of the entire railway system. This is where the routes separate to where they are destined to go. There are three outback routes that you can choose from. All of these routes starts from the Coastal Blue line of Queensland rail. You can choose to travel with the Spirit of the Outback which goes north towards the west to Longreach. Then, there is the Westlander which is from Brisbane to Charleville. Last of the outback routes is the Inlander route which starts from Twonsville to Mt. Isa. There are two routes for the tropical service offered by the Queensland rail system. If you want to see some of the best scenes in Queensland, then you can take the Tropical North. The first is the Kuranda Scenic rail which starts from the Cairns to Kuranda. The second is the Gulflander, which travels from Normanton to Croydon. These services will definitely give you the best way to travel and see the beauty of Queensland and Australia.